UPDATE: These images are from an older version of FrontPage, but the instructions are still valid.

The webpages server, located at http://webpages.ursinus.edu hosts all student, faculty, staff and organization Web sites.
To publish to the webpages server:

1. In FrontPage, click on File, Publish Site

2. The "Remote Web Site Properties" dialog Box will pop up.

3. Click on the FTP radio button

In the remote website location box type: ftp://webpages.ursinus.edu/
Do NOT add the name of your site.  The server automatically determines  the correct publishing location when you authenticate (send your username and password). 

4. Click on the Ok button

5. The "Name and Password Required" dialog box will pop up.

6. Type: ursinus\username and password and click on OK

7. Both your local web site (on your computer) and the remote website (on the server windows will show.

8. In the bottom right had corner make sure the local to remote radio button is selected and then click on the Publish Site button

  • FrontPage will parse through your local copy of your site and determine which files have been updated since the last time you published and send only the required files to the server.
  • The first time you publish, all files will be sent.
  • After FP is finished, check your Web site to make sure everything looks correct.
  • FP retains the server location, so you won't have to go through the entire procedure each time.
  • You'll only need to enter your username and password when you publish.
  • After you have published, FP will retain your password until you exit the program.
  • If you close FP, you should be prompted to enter your password when you try to publish again.
  • Some special effects that can be created using FP do not function correctly in all browsers or browser versions.  Do not use these special effects unless you know your target audience uses a browser that supports the special effect.
  • When you publish your site, make sure your home page is named one of the following:
    • index.html
    • index.htm
    • default.htm
    • default.asp